You have the Worlds attention!


Why is it that when you sleep,
Sleep like this is just that very moment !
Unperturbed by the various earthly matters?
Why is it that while I look at you, I begin to stare, so fixated is my gaze that I become you, unperturbed?
Why is it that when you cry, even time chooses to pause for it gives you attention?
While I look into your eyes, hoping that you would meet mine, you look through me. Rolling your eyes, pushing it to its biological limit, are you settling into your new confined form?
For you have come from a world that knew no limits, no boundaries, all that was and is, uncharacteristic to the world that you have chosen to bless with your presence.
Tweego sits in the corner, looking at you unflinchingly and it is then that I realize that you have the world’s attention!
May I always look at you undisturbed, wondering always that how is it that when I look at you, something in me changes.
I admire your thumb sized ear and as my lips draw near, I gently whisper “I love you.”

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