Kaun Hai Vaibhav Dugar

spidermanI wanted to be SpiderMan when I could comprehend and reason what I held in my hands.
Tall Sky Scrapers, narrow alleys, dodging Buses and Cars… fighting criminals; they were really exciting then but my Ma spoilt me. I had to bathe every morning, wear different costumes each day, and the last nail in the coffin, I bloody had to wear my garments under my trousers; I couldn’t shake this habit and eventually had to kill my dream of being a SpiderMan.

Agar ek gaya to dusara aaya
; and another.. my dreams constantly changed until Life had complete grips of them, eventually I accomplished them.

It took me 16 years to become an Engineer.. and now after two years of a regular 10-6 job, I want to realize another dream of mine.. a dream called ek titli. [about ek titli]

This is the best I can get to being SpiderMan 😀

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