You have the Worlds attention!


Why is it that when you sleep,
Sleep like this is just that very moment !
Unperturbed by the various earthly matters?
Why is it that while I look at you, I begin to stare, so fixated is my gaze that I become you, unperturbed?
Why is it that when you cry, even time chooses to pause for it gives you attention?
While I look into your eyes, hoping that you would meet mine, you look through me. Rolling your eyes, pushing it to its biological limit, are you settling into your new confined form?
For you have come from a world that knew no limits, no boundaries, all that was and is, uncharacteristic to the world that you have chosen to bless with your presence.
Tweego sits in the corner, looking at you unflinchingly and it is then that I realize that you have the world’s attention!
May I always look at you undisturbed, wondering always that how is it that when I look at you, something in me changes.
I admire your thumb sized ear and as my lips draw near, I gently whisper “I love you.”

Every persons world in the present generation or the last has been initiated with fear. Fear of falling , getting hurt, darkness, burning your self. Fear has been given more importance to love.
If you won’t study u will not pass, it u do not pass, u will be a failure, u will not make money , have a house, a car etc..
All this fear leads to no good of the individual nor to the world.
We as humans r selfish only because we have been made to fear at a very young age , infact since the time we r born.
What if we initiate this process with love, instead of fear? Why don’t we change everything based on love? Let fear be only restricted to her being awakened in the dark. That’s it.
We need to start working together. We need her to feel connected to nature as soon as possible. With the stars, the night sky, early morning sun rise, waking up to birds chirping, falling asleep while staring at the moon. I believe they are the answers, they are the hints to her path on this plane.
How do we plan this for her? I feel nature will guide her, Her masters will guide her. But that can only happen when she is connected.

What we as her parents need to do is keep that connection, support that connection and let the masters and nature play their role in her life. I have a strong doubt n faith in modern days education.. It is rife with fear and seems like an assembly line, producing the perfect pawns. I don’t see any good happening.
After 25 years of studying useless stuff we r forced to join the race because of the time, effort, money that has been spent in all these years that one is forced to join the race. Is this the reason that no one is happy? Or happy r the ones who have nothing yet have everything?
Happy r the ones who knew very early in life that it is the heart that needs to be followed.
We need to help her find her heart or rather help ourselves to support her communication with the heart. At this stage she already has a communication, but we as parents may just ruin it by entailing our views and dreams on her. Views from an imperfect world cannot ever help create a perfect world. She is coming from a perfect world, we need to change quickly to merge our paths with hers. Let the heart take Its course.
I don’t wish, deepest wish, to see her chasing and being a part of this race. All that I pray is she follows her heart at a very early age , n let the universe conspire to make them true. I believe she is the Creator, and the Creator knows best. Since she is in a new world, in a new form, our duty is to help her get started n moving , n to create that perfect foundation that is only built on love n faith.