Can we change the future?

The face of a parched land

The face of a parched land. (c) Dewang ModiÂ

Open spaces, a good breeze helps my thoughts and imaginations. But these days a sense of desperation prevails. Do we have enough tomorrows to save this world? How can i be a part of transforming the world? What’s needed apart from a deep pocket? I have the will, the vision. I have the steel like determination. My courage can’t be matched.

The i can lead, the i can create the path, the i can be the light in darkness and water during thirst, but its noting without a we!
I need people who want to see a change in the world. I need people who believe 20 years from now the world won’t be what it’s like today. I need people who’s visions say that things are not going to get better unless, unless, they make an effort to act today.
So, here are my requirements to build a team, a team that will stand together to change those visions, to change the dark future that we all will have to live with.

parched land

parched land

  • A marketeer & strategist- his responsibilities will be to create new properties and increase brand visibility and mileage so that the thought can be carried forward.
  • Sales – work in tandem with the Marketing team and sell these properties to prospective clients.
  • New ventures- look into new areas for diversifying. To give a holistic approach for greening the environment.

And for all these, any passionate person who is willing to give a few dedicated hours in a week will do.

So, do you believe in what i do? Do you believe that the time we have is very short and that if we have to do something, we have to act now?

Mail me at vaibhav [at] ektitli [dot] org. Call me +91 99675 89210.

How to make a Business Plan

A business Plan can only be created when you have a problem and you have a solution to it. But what goes in bridging the two is what the Business Plan is all about.

Hence, a business plan can be broken into 3 segments.
a) the problem, b) the bridge and c) the solution

I bought a telephone set a few days back and desperately needed a table (the solution) to keep the telephone on (the Problem: where do I keep the telephone set?).

[ a slide show of the various pictures can be seen at the end of the post. ]

my tableTaking the example above, I have broken the segments further into:

a. the problem:
1. Objective/problem: Where do I keep the telephone set on?

2. Knowledge: I can buy a table, or make one. I decided to make one as I had empty cartons at my disposal which could take the weight of my telephone. Later, I also needed place for my telephone index, a pen stand and a note pad.
If planned well, the to-be-made table could take the weight of the remaining items

b. the bridge:
1. Raw material, tools available: The raw materials are two cartons.
Tools available are Strong adhesive, Brown tape, Ruler, markers, Paper Cutter and Scissors.

2. Plan & designs: Only after I knew what I had, I got down to designing the table with respect to the amount of space available to me. I took into consideration the total weight of the four items and the maximum stability that can be achieved from each of my plans. Stability comes with a strong foundation.
I also looked at the disadvantages of my raw material. i.e., non-water proof, limitation on its strength.

3. Making: The complexities and the time involved were particularly looked at.
Being a paper product, there is the problem of the carton getting soiled due to humidity. Adequate air ventilation was a must to take care of this problem, but not at the cost of the stability and strength of the foundation.

c. Finishing
Careful and detailed planning was practiced to get a complete ‘cardbord look’.
Since, the entire system is a glued lego block; any piece if damaged, can be easily replaced.

A meticulous effort in following the above points has resulted in a product that can withstand the weight of a Telephone index of 1010 pages, a telephone set, a pen stand with accessories and a note pad.

Psst : …. also an Earthquake measuring 9 on the Richter scale, flooding (unless the water level reaches the 7th floor) and “I haven’t heard of” strong winds!


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Negative Thoughts

Be very aware and alert of negative emotions.
Let them come, but don’t identify with them. Don’t participate.
They deplete your energy, they keep you asleep.
They are harmful and heavy.
They make your life complicated.

– Swami Sukhabodhananda in the Speaking Tree, a daily column seen in the Times of India.

Livestock and Global Warming

I have always linked Humans to Global Warming eversince I understood what it was, but never expected livestock and cattle also to be active contributors to global warming !

A few facts listed below will make things clearer to you:

* The world’s 1,530 million cattle contribute more to global warming than its 900 million cars and commercial vehicles.
* The gas from livestock flatulence and manure is now estimated to contribute to 27 per cent of global warming
* The high methane content is reported to be 23 times more “warming” than carbon dioxide.
* The urine has high concentrations of ammonia that contributes to acid rain.
* 900 litres of water is required to produce one litre of milk.
* India accounts for over 18 per cent of the worlds cattle, i.e approximately 5 per cent of the global warming is caused by the Indian livestock.

Nepal: My Land, My Pride

I look up at the starry sky, it’s so different compared to what I get to see back home in Kathmandu. The sky is filled with them, you get to see more of the white twinkling dots compared to the darkness which serves as the background. But here, its different. The dark background is more prominent. One has the liberty of counting the number of stars on his segmented fingers.

This is one of the differences between Home and Pune. I sit and wonder at times, what has gone wrong with my land? Shed a tear, but what use of the tear if it cannot be given a reason or any justice. Do I have the fist, the fury, the rage to change the state of my troubled and pain stricken land? 22 years in this world and all that I have achieved are grades and marks. How long more before I can take charge knowing that I have another 40 years in me?

Time is running out, it’s just one lifetime, and there’s so much to do. So much to achieve. Because I know, I am here for a reason. I know I am special. The reasons have to be manifested. I have to hone and fertilize my strengths, respect my weaknesses because its ‘mine’, love myself; because it is the source of the solutions to all my problems.

When you face a problem, turn your attention to solutions. Be the source of a solution to the problem rather than become its victim.

Bright prospects for the kingdom:
Vishakha Dugar, Anish Sanghai, Vedant Sarawagi, Tarak Nand Joshi, Manit Upadhaya.

Still to know more about these people, but they still make it to this page:
Piyush Tater, Gaurav Sarda, Minakshi Jha, Shraddha Manandhar, Pawan Agarwal, Vaibhav Dugar.

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Laughing and crying

Why is it that we always think about our sorrows and sulk,
but never remember the times when we laughed are hearts out?

Love Blogging ?

I am an ardent blogger. Have been blogging since quite sometime.
But nothing has been permanent until I found this blog and also this host.
While checking other blogs (through, which also gives me my hits)
came across this amazing blogging software called Flock.
It makes blogging very easy and even more fun, giving you more reasons to get
addicted to blogging.

So, what are you waiting for. Take the next step to blogging !

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