You have the Worlds attention!


Why is it that when you sleep,
Sleep like this is just that very moment !
Unperturbed by the various earthly matters?
Why is it that while I look at you, I begin to stare, so fixated is my gaze that I become you, unperturbed?
Why is it that when you cry, even time chooses to pause for it gives you attention?
While I look into your eyes, hoping that you would meet mine, you look through me. Rolling your eyes, pushing it to its biological limit, are you settling into your new confined form?
For you have come from a world that knew no limits, no boundaries, all that was and is, uncharacteristic to the world that you have chosen to bless with your presence.
Tweego sits in the corner, looking at you unflinchingly and it is then that I realize that you have the world’s attention!
May I always look at you undisturbed, wondering always that how is it that when I look at you, something in me changes.
I admire your thumb sized ear and as my lips draw near, I gently whisper “I love you.”

Lessons for your dog



Be the person your dog thinks you are




I got up late today & thanks to my neighbours dogs incessant barks i was just in time for work. but i missed taking him out on his daily walk. he gave me this look just when i started da bike, “u forgot me today?” “remember i woke you up!”. I said sorry to him and rode away while he  looked on in hope 😦 i guess i will miss him on Sunday too.

Doggie language


Tweego has dedicated this how-to-understand-a-dogs language to every dog lover, especially to me… because I comprehend his bark but not his signs 😀


Tweego is visiting the International Space Station

Legend of the guardians

Legend of the guardians

Tweego’s loved the trailer of Legend of the Guardians [Trailer]. He tells me that he and his fellow dogs are the actual Guardians of the humans and in turn the planet. I am perplexed; and I know this is just the beginning to this rather amusing story 🙂

I was like “what? I understand you being the man’s best friend and all but Guardians?”

Shaking his head he answered that, “I agree we are Man’s best friend and like every true friend it’s our responsibility to keep a constant check on what you are doing, because whatever you do, as the most intelligent beings, it affects the planet at large.”

I was speechless, yet again; still stumped.

We are all working as undercover agents, and we even avoid direct contact with our fellow dogs; hence we fight only to have successfully confused you. You begin to have the impression that we don’t like them.
But all the peeing we do, the jumping around (our playful acts), our innocent antics (running behind our tail, chasing cars, sleeping on our backs with our legs raised, etc) are basically signals and information about what you guys are up to.



Information for whom?

Information for the Creator. Through us He knows what’s up on the blue planet and He decides the next course of action. We are basically the observers and the transmitters and also the receivers and action-ers. Why do you think we are trying to multiply fast so that we can clear all your garbage. But the innocent you are picking us up and cutting our genitals? Some sacrifice for the welfare of all 🙂
But change is happening; very quickly. Initially it was through us but now the entire kingdom has joined in to speed up the process.

Baffled! “Are there better words?”
Astonished, my dog’s making sense. The innocent us! And in the past few weeks there has been a phenomenal change in him. He’s his usual self, but Tweego’s forever charged up and more responsible.
I give credit to Evo who’s been at his side ever since they met and yes, auntijiee accepted my invitation for tea. (read the complete story on how Tweego met his Evo 😀 )
Evo’s been a darling. She reminds me of my buddies relationship.
With Pooja around, whenever we speak of Chetan, her ears, shoulders, eyes react to the source and she listens attentively to what we are saying about him. Any word against Chetan, and one can see the angry look on her face.

Happy Diwali

I enjoy doing it with Evo too. I happily tease Tweego; and Evo begins to snarl. They’re just so inseparable but completely respect each other and their individuality.

With diwali and my birthday around the corner, he wants us to go out into the woods for a week or so.
Diwali has been a cause of worry for me ever since he’s been with us. It’s a beautiful festival but the smoke and the noise unsettles me. I can figure a way out but this helpless dog has no way to run. Even keeping him in a bath tub doesn’t do any good. He’s so frightened that he follows me wherever I go and sits at my feet. This time I am taking him into the woods, what he now calls the International Space Station 😛 Don’t ask me why. That probably is his gateway to speak to the Creator on a direct line 😉
So, while we’re away and you happen to be missing Tweego and me, do drop by at our Facebook profile, check our pictures, read the blog or drop in a line below and Smile 🙂

You never know, whose day you’ll probably make with that beautiful smile on your refreshing face 🙂

The trailer of “Legend of the Guardians”

Tweego continues to impress me

Tweego… Tweego ..
This is unusual. He’s always been responsive when I call out his name, wherever we are. I called out again from where I’d seen him last. But not a trace of him.

Tweego - My dog


We’ve been frequenting this park ever since it’s been redeveloped and like all parks we get to see all kinds of people here. From pet lovers to fitness freaks; from the young to the old and then the regular chai and chaat wallahs. We usually go there early mornings to catch the sun rise and on weekends during sunsets. After my football game with a few enthusiastic regulars, I settle down on the bench and breathe in the richness in the air while Tweego does what I like him for. Play! Every once in a while he goes around the park leaving an ‘impression’ for other dogs, marking his territory.

Tweego has not responded to my calls! Rather amused I start looking for him. I notice an auntiji looking for her dog too. Is Tweego behind this? It’d rather be 😉 He’s always springing with surprises.

There’s a verdant area at the centre of the park that we usually don’t visit and that was the only place I hadn’t looked. So what was Tweego up to? Seeing me search, others joined in to help. It seems auntiji’s dog also has a following of admirers.

I hope Tweego has a good choice. I let my mind play games.
Not a poodle… pomeranian, arrrgghh! That Vodafone Pug? Are you out of you mind? It freaking chases a bus with socks in its mouth! (Read more about Tweego’s take on the Vodafone dog).
I forgot about Tweego. I was more concerned about the other dog.

I was smiling; smiling like an impressed father when his son introduces his date. I was impressed with his choice. She’s a brown Labrador. Slightly small and slim but well groomed with Soft, flowing and rich brown hair and perfect eyes. Evo is what she is called.

It’s his tail that I noticed through the shrubs.
He barked.
He was calling out to me.
Exasperated, I shouted, “Tweego, you’ve made….
Ahh.. !” Excited… “Tweego !
What an amazing choice boy. Wow!” I patted Tweego.
I went over to Evo and welcomed her by rubbing her neck and patting her back. He didn’t disappoint his admirers too. They were all smiles and patting him “Naughty boy”!

Tweego was happy, I was delighted. Auntiji was panting and red when she saw us. She called out to Evo, and the faithful dog sprinted towards her. They left, but not before auntiji gave me that ‘I’ll see you’ look. It seems inviting her for tea is out of the question 😛
Any suggestions?