What do you do when somebody hates you or Loves you?

Amongst the mud of lust, there's always a lotus of love that blooms!

Amongst the mud of lust, there's always a lotus of love that blooms!


If you are, you remain the same. If you are not, then you are immediately changed. If you are not, then anybody can pull you, push you; then anybody can push your buttons and change you. Then you are a slave, then you are not a master. Your mastery begins when whatsoever happens outside does not change you; your inner climate remains the same.

A psychoanalyst was attending a convention. At one of the lectures one ugly woman sitting next to him began to pinch him. Annoyed, he was about to give her an angry retort, when he changed his mind: “Why should I get angry,” he decided. “After all, it is her problem.”
Whether somebody loves you or hates you, it is his or her problem. If you are, if you have understood your being, you remain in tune with yourself. Nobody can disturb your inner harmony. If somebody loves, good; if somebody hates, good. Both remain somewhere outside you. This is what we call mastery. This is what we call crystallization — becoming free of impressions, influences.
You ask me, “What do you do when somebody hates you?”

What can I do? It is that person’s problem; it has nothing to do with me. If I was not here he would have hated somebody else. He would have hated. If there were nobody and he were alone, he would have hated himself. Hatred is his problem. It has nothing to do with me, not in the least. Basically it does not even refer to me; I am just an excuse. Somebody else would have done as well, would have functioned as an excuse for him.

Have you not watched it? that when you are angry, you are simply angry. It is not that your anger is addressed to somebody. That ‘somebody’ is nothing but an excuse. Angry, you come home from the office; you jump on your wife. Angry, you go from your home; you are angry in the office with the peon, with the clerk, with this and that. If you analyze your states of mind, you will come to see that they belong to you. You live in your own world, but you go on projecting it on others.
When you are angry, YOU are angry — not at me. When you are full of hate, you are full of hate — not at me. When you are full of love, you are full of love — not at me. Once you understand it, you remain like a lotus leaf in the world. You remain in the water but the water does not touch; it touches you not.

You remain in the world and yet aloof, not of it. Then nobody can disturb your silence, and nobody can distract you. Your compassion goes on flowing. If you love me, you receive my compassion. If you hate me, you will not receive my compassion — not because I will not give to you. I will be continuously giving to you, as much as I give to those who love me, but you will be closed and you will not receive it.
Once being is attained, one is compassion, unconditional compassion. Not that in some moments he becomes compassionate and some moments he is not compassionate. Compassion then is his natural climate, compassion is his permanent mood, compassion is his integrated being. Then whatsoever you do, his compassion goes on showering on you. But there are moments when you will receive it, when you will be open, and there are moments when you will not receive it because you will be closed.

So in hate you will not receive that, in love you will receive that. And you may even feel the difference — because one who loves me will start growing, one who hates me will start shrinking. Both will become so totally different that you may start thinking that I must be giving more to the one I Love, or one who loves me, and I’m not giving to one who hates me or is angry at me or is closed towards me. But I am not doing that. The clouds are there and they are showering: if your pot is not broken it will be filled. Or even if your pot is not broken, but is upside-down, then you will miss. Hate is a state of upside-downness. Then rains can go on showering but you will remain empty, because your opening is not there.
Once you are put rightside-up, that’s what love is. Love is nothing but an opening, a receptivity, a welcome, an invitation, that “I am ready; come, please.”


Iron Man 2 – the trailer

Iron Man 2

I’ve been a huge fan of super hero movies: electrifying stunts, gadgets, speed et al, Be it the Transformers series, Batman, Spider Man (only the first, can’t imagine a super hero cry, cry for a girl. Duh!) and now Iron Man. Have been eagerly waiting for the sequel (it’s due on the 7th. May. 10) but until then for all you fans of the movie, here’s the trailer. If there’s something more that you want, check out the pictures [+]

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The Path Of Dharma

Lakshmi - Hindu goddess of wealth prosperity a...
Image by chauromano via Flickr

Once there was a king. He was a strong spiritualist, a dharmik. Whatever he said he did and whatever he did he said. One day the king declared that he would buy anything that remained unsold in the village market. People flocked to the market.

A sculptor brought an idol of the goddess Alakshmi, which negates wealth. Who would want to keep an idol of Alakshmi in their house? Nobody bought it. In the evening the sculptor came to the king and said: “Please take this idol and be true to your words.’’ The king bought it. Alakshmi entered the palace. At midnight the king heard a woman weeping. He approached her, asking, ‘‘Mother, why are you weeping? What is the matter?’’ ‘‘I am the goddess of wealth, Rajyalakshmi,’’ she replied. ‘‘Now that Alakshmi has entered the palace, how can i live here?’’ The king said, ‘‘Very well, for the protection of dharma i have to keep Alakshmi here. If you do not want to live here, you may go.’’ So the goddess of wealth left.

After some time the Raja heard the sound of footsteps. He saw a man and asked, ‘‘Who are you?’’ The reply was: ‘‘I am Narayana.’’ The king asked: ‘‘Where are you going?’’ Narayana replied: ‘‘Lakshmi has left the palace, so i shall not live here.’’ The king said, ‘‘To protect dharma, i have to keep Alakshmi, and so if you want to leave the palace, you may go; what can i do?’’ Narayana left. After that all the gods and goddesses left the palace. The king said, ‘‘If you all so desire you may go.’’ In the end a glorious personality appeared. ‘‘Who are you?’’ asked the king. The reply was ‘‘I am Dharmaraj, the king of dharma. As all the other gods and goddesses have left the palace, i am also leaving.’’ The king replied, ‘‘It cannot be. To protect dharma i kept Alakshmi. Oh Dharmaraj, how can you leave me?’’ Dharmaraj said, ‘‘You are right. I will not leave.’’

Since Dharma remained there, Narayana slowly entered through the back door. The king said to him, ‘‘If you wish you may come.’’ Lakshmi followed him, covering her face, because she did not dare to show her face to the king. Then all the gods and goddesses started entering. They said, ‘‘Where there is dharma, where there is Narayana and Lakshmi, we shall also go and remain.’’
Dharmabal is the biggest force. For those who have such a force, the worldly force is meaningless. You were with Dharma, you are with Dharma and you will be with Dharma. Don’t fear anybody. We should move on the path of Dharma even if Lakshmi leaves. Those who oppose Dharma will be destroyed.

There are three stages of people: Uttam or superior, madhyam or middle standard, adham or inferior. The adham people always think, “Can i do that great work, can i do? Shall i do? No, perhaps, i won’t be able to do great work.” They always avoid such work. The madhyam people come forward, associate themselves to do great work but when obstacles come, they dissociate themselves from the great work. The uttam people always participate in great work. Such people cannot come from the path of Dharma because there are impediments on that path. They will be victorious. So you must be adhere to Dharma. Victory is in your pocket. You shouldn’t cry for victory. You shouldn’t run after victory; rather victory will seek you out.

Excerpted from Anandavachanamritan.

You always have a choice

Don’t put up with situations you don’t like – you always have a choice – live only for yourself – you come first.

You cannot do any good to anyone by torturing yourself – it is a crime – you have to decide your happiness is important than the pleasure you may give to someone by hurting yourself – you are the light of your life.

You pave the way to your destination and trust this light – trust is the answer – trust and let go.

Written by Mrs Manasi Sose on her blog. Her Work: My Centre India

Who Am I

Are we just the body, or are we something more?

Who am IWhen we enter this world, where does this “life” factor come from? Our breath? We are alive due to our breath. It means that we are connected to a phenomenon called “consciousness” through our breath. The consciousness is our source. That is, we have come from this consciousness state. It is a total state of joy and bliss, or it is pure LOVE. And only love is the truth of life, rest all is ego. To believe it, it is best to experience it. To experience it, it is best to meditate. When we meditate, we observe our breath. When we observe, we use minimum of our mind. Therefore, it is possible to go beyond the mind. Observing breath is the highest form of meditation.

In this state of consciousness, there is no space and no time. But it can be quite boring to be in a constant state of bliss. Therefore, we decided to create and enjoy our creation.

Imagine, we are in a huge desert, in a form of a ball and this ball is a total bliss. And imagine, there is no time nor space in this desert. Now this ball, is the consciousness. So, this ball decides to create and enjoy its creation. Therefore, this ball fragments into several forms and in order to enjoy, it creates several dimensions. It created this universe, where we live. The other dimensions maybe of numbers or colors or anything. In this universe, these fragments take forms of trees, water, mountains, humans, animals, birds, etc. We can call these fragments as souls. Here we can understand that WE ARE ALL ONE! We are that source, that consciousness.

The consciousness is in the form of energy. And it is the most subtle form of energy. Just like the steam. And like the water, the slightly gross form of this energy is the cosmic energy. And just like ice, the more gross form of energy is this universe, which we can relate to, through our senses.

Therefore, we can see that it was our choice to take the human form. It is one of the forms we have taken. We are playing this game of human life, to create and enjoy our creation and to experience. We go through all the experiences in our lives. This game of human life has two rules. One is that, we forget our source (the consciousness). Secondly, we have won the game by remembering what our source is!

Throughout our life, we have been discovering, inventing and searching for something…….what is it? We are never satisfied with all the materials we gain. We always want more of money, power, name, fame. But does it have an end? We are actually in search of our source, therefore, till we understand our source and feel that love, we go on and on endlessly! This explains why many rich and powerful people let go of their power and money when they find the real love.

After all, what do we live for? Only love?! Whatever we do ,is for achieving love. A militant, who takes lives of other people too, is in search of love. Somewhere, deep inside, he has been deprived of love. A man who wishes to earn money and power, wants others to love him or her for this money and power! A child throws tantrums only to seek the attention and love. There is nothing that we do not do for love. But we need to remember that this love is within ourselves and not outside of us.

When we observe the breath, we are in connection with our source. This source, has created the universe and millions of such dimensions. So imagine the potential it has? Or should I say, imagine the potential WE have? We only need to come out of the limitations and boundaries of this body and mind and connect to this unlimited potential, so that we can create a real heaven for ourselves on this earth!

Only love is real!

Written by Mrs Manasi Sose on her blog. Her Work: My Centre India

Negative Thoughts

Be very aware and alert of negative emotions.
Let them come, but don’t identify with them. Don’t participate.
They deplete your energy, they keep you asleep.
They are harmful and heavy.
They make your life complicated.

– Swami Sukhabodhananda in the Speaking Tree, a daily column seen in the Times of India.

What are we RESEARCHING on ?

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*to be continued