We have mastered the Art of War, but have we Mastered the Joy of Happiness?


I came across this thought-provoking video that I am sharing with you. Do watch it and share how you felt after watching it.

Building a company

As a business man and an entrepreneur, being a creative person there are a few things that I think of, when I have an office of my own.

This is about the section that is also known as the reception or lobby.

The only chair there will be for the receptionist. So if you happen to be in this section there will be no chairs or comfortable sofas to greet you, not that we dislike you but we will have something more that is equal to a warm handshake or an Indian Namaste.

There will be a fooseball table, or a table tennis board or some other games that will keep you active and excited that’s because, I believe, sports has magic to build a bond and make you more human and grounded.

So while you wait, play a game, destress and most probably interact with my team on a very different level.

That will be a brilliant first impression.

There’s this alien feeling that I have been going through in the last few days. It’s this feeling where I wish to quit on everything, quit on civilization, just quit and walk away. I don’t know where, probably, a place where time has no effect on me, yet I can watch and feel my breath, listen to the waters fall, feel the breeze through the pores of my skin, smell the freshness in the air, speak to the birds of the trees, and be in the warmth of a tree.

I wish to walk away…
Walk away to me.

Guest lecture on Entrepreneurship

It was a cold winter morning when Dad and I were discussing work while sun bathing at home. I had mentioned to him how I would like to someday give a talk on my work, my experiences and hopefully inspire someone to choose the path of Entrepreneurship.

Ever since that January morning, I only, at times thought about it. Thought about what will I speak on, how should I present it knowing that it can be really boring for the students. For them it is yet another, boring lecture.
A college, a unique college I must say, gave me a call this Monday asking me to speak on Entrepreneurship; my journey as an Entrepreneur, my lows and highs, lessons, et al.

Until the day before the presentation, I was stuck on what should I speak on. Stuck. So I called up a friend, an MBA graduate, asking him exactly what goes through the mind of a student who sits for these lectures. He spelled it, boring. Not that I was surprised but it gave me a start.

I decided it will only be a round of questions and answers, with a slight twist. I got two squeeze balls. Who ever had a question shot their hands up. I would throw the ball to him/her and only if the ball was caught I would answer their questions.
The round of questions went on for around 30 minutes, only after I told them about who and what we do. Fortunately the Q & A session covered the highs and lows of my experience as an entrepreneur. I was excited and happy unlike my nervousness at the beginning of the lecture.
I moved on to the principles I practice and have learnt in the past 2 years that I covered in a presentation. This lasted for another 15 minutes.

At the end of it I felt more enlightened on what I spoke and how I could improve and better myself for the next time.
The Presentation on my practices:


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Being first is all that counts

The last rays of sunlight on Mount Everest on ...
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Being First is all that counts. After all, who remembers the second person to climb Mount Everest?


Does everything have to make a point !


Knowledge gives the power to differentiate between Right and Wrong.