Is it too difficult for you to do something about the environment?

Lake Mansarovar and the Tibetan Himalayas
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When was the last time you saw a SunRise or a SunSet ?



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What a rocking guy Vaibhav was

A few days back, I sent the following mail to a couple of my friends.

ki gal hai?

anyways.. i am doing good… either i’ll dump the job or the job will 😉

i need a favor from u.. (i hope u don’t say that it’s yet another one!!)

One fine day , u get a call .. and this guy excitedly says that Vaibhav is dead.. . he kicked the bucket.. what a rocking guy he was ..
this caller is really excited about the news and also about mentioning how he felt and thought about Vaibhav (i.e., me.. !! )

so.. . if you were supposed to break this news to someone, has to be a common friend.. how and what would it be..
apart from "Vaibhav is a rocking guy "

Terms and conditions:
NO sentimental and emotional stuff.. .please… this will spoil the fun..
a little creativity and humour will be perfect..
it can be a pat on the back or pure criticism.. no problems… as long as you gonna meet me soon in case u send me the latter.. 😉

thats about it…
no further questions…
expecting your mail..bloody soon !!

A few of my friends called immediately, rather crossed, they asked me "dude, whats wrong with you?". I told them that this is just a joke, and to stop wasting time and mail me what I’ve asked for. None of them did, but a few who didn’t call replied.

vaibhav was too sweet………………………………..
the world swallowed him………………………………………… 😦
– Anish Sanghai

You know, Vaibhav mar gaya
acha hua jo woh pakao mar gaya
– Chetan Oswal

Damn !!! Another Funeral….
What do i wear to this funeral???
Oh gosh! I gotta buy some new clothes for this one…
So pls people suggest me from where shud i buy the clothes and wat shud i wear.
Awaiting ur reply
Yours Fashionable
– Siddheshwar Mahajan

dude, I am sorry to disappoint you but this will take time, i loved the idea, but you will get ur reply is sometime, please co operate.
– Vikramjeet Singh Gambhir

hello, arre tune sunaa kya, … apna nautanki dost, khud hi khud tapakgayaa….
saaala ab ye maalum karna mushkil padgaya he, ki woh sach me tapka he ya ab bhi nautanki kar raha he…
bas ek bar ye khabar paki hojaaye…….. 🙂
– Deepak Shir


Did u know the news???
Vavav has left us!…. im serious!!! tht no good joker decided to let go of all of us so soon!!!
F@$&*r!!! once i’m dead i’ll get him for leaving us!
I can’t go on his funeral!!!! i really can’t see him dead!!! unfortunately that ass looks good only when he is smiling!
Damn!!! In a way he is lucky… he has done what he wanted to do in life!
He shoudn’t have died man!!!
i told him so many times not to doze off on the frying pan while cooking!!! he comes home late night and starts cooking! we all know he cant survive till that late! he has to sleep!
No! but he had to get hungry!
He had to cook !!! and the unavoidable happened! he was such an ass!!!! i’ll miss that bugger!
– Vinay Sudhindran

All those who replied, thank you.
All those who haven’t replied or haven’t received the mail but want to say a word, this is your 15 seconds to fame on my blog (i hope that impresses you :P) ), can leave it as a comment.

Happy Environment Day

Have you ever seen a Happy-Smiling Beggar

If you have, did you give him a coin? No! Why?

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Lately have been a little curious about the whole funda of ‘Attitude‘. How important is it to ones personality and ones image. Why does one need it? Is it groomed into a person’s outlook due to the experiences he’s had or is it inherited? The former sounds more apt and real.

Such questions need answers and the best way to find them was by asking friends and relations. This is what they have to say:

Attitude comprises of four functions:
1) Adjustment: an example- a boss treats his employees justly and fairly. This develops a positive attitude amongst his employees and helps them to adjust to the environment which contributes to the growth of the company.

2) ego defensive– such an attitude is observed when one has to defend his self image in the society, work place, college, etc

3) value expressive function– a person who practices what he preaches, believes only in his values, principles and ethics is said to show value expressive attitude.

4) knowledge function– the attitude shown by a person which is influenced by his experiences, knowledge gained is said to be a knowledge function attitude.

Piyush Tater
(pursuing his MBA degree from Symbiosis, Pune)
He also quotes that attitude is like a knife. It depends on how you use it. i.e, for good or for bad.

Attitude is what a person shows when he feels insecure or thinks high of himself.
Meenakshi Jha
(doing her internship under TV TODAY GROUP, New Delhi)

Attitude is the gateway of all your thoughts. It determines how people see you, How you perceive things yourself. That’s why having the right attitude is so very important.
Deepthy Gujar
(Software professional at Cognizant Technologies and Systems, Pune)

People show or throw attitude to gain weightage or to get importance. It can be good or bad.One should not get confused between attitude and arrogance.
Vishakha Dugar
(Marketing Executive for Venus Films, Mumbai)

Attitude is the tendency of an individual to give type of response to a stimuli in a particular situation. It may be +ve, -ve or neutral.
Vikram Singh Gambhir
(Software professional at Perot Systems, Noida)