My Little Miss Sunshine’s new initiative – The Fishing Hook

My little sister is here for a short break from her very hectic shedule of work and also to be with me for my big milestone. I couldn’t have asked for me.
My friends and I took her out to a popular pub here in Pune called “Smokies” last night (also known as Dolally which is a brew house and serves amazing beer). It was after ages when we let our hairs loose and danced all night.

She’s sleeping now, softly cuddled in her bed. I slowly creep upto her and give her a soft kiss on her cheeks and look at this beautiful little Miss Sunshine, my naughty and bratty sister.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, and I login to the net only to google on her and read on what the world wide web has been talking about her. She used to be a TV actor earlier, taking a brief hiatus from the screen to finish her studies. She now juggles between two passions, one of them being styling (she styled for the Sonam Kapoor and Abhay Deol starrer Aisha) and an experimental startup that she has formed called “The Fishing Hook”, which is a fashion brand currently available only on the online space. I found an interview on her latest and interesting initiative that I am presenting below.

What is the Fishing Hook?

Vinisha Dugar

Vinisha Dugar

The Fishing Hook is an online fashion brand that promises to bring its customers unique products in the male and female garment and accessory segments while limiting its stocks to preserve uniqueness. When we started, we concentrated on the fact that youth today hardly has the time to venture out and look for products they’d want to buy, so we decided to bring the products to them on Facebook.

Why is the Fishing Hook unique?
We study the market and learn the current trends. Basis this, we tweak our product line. Also, we deliver right at your doorstep, that saves our customers a lot of time and effort.

What provoked you and your partner to launch the Fishing Hook now?
We finished college and immediately felt the need to want to do business. Furthermore, I’ve worked as a costume stylist for 2 Bollywood movies and a couple of ads; I’m very passionate about fashion and textiles.

We’ve heard a lot about your dispatch and delivery online. How does it work?
For all intra city deliveries (Mumbai) there’s NO delivery charge for orders above INR 1000 (approx $22) whereas for orders below INR 500, we add a delivery charge of INR 100. Nevertheless, all products are hand delivered, barring intercity deliveries.

What are your short term goals for the Fishing Hook?
The Fishing Hook will go online very soon with our own website, possibly linked with a payment gateway to make things easier for our customers. Furthermore, we plan on getting into manufacturing, printing and launching our own line of t-shirts for both genders.

Vinisha is very unassuming about her acting career and keeps business as far away as possible from it. She believes in the present and urges today’s youth to just be themselves. Fashion and style is not about replication, its about originality. So go ahead, be yourself!

Visit: The Fishing Hook
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